Windows decoration WL016

Role lenght
  • Print on foil is transparent, and at sunlight you get a special colorful effect in the room

    Static transparent PVC foil for windows. Static foil doesn't leave a trail of glue when you peel it off. A foil is reusable and can be stored on the appurtenant background and reuse again 

      • Dimensions of the sheet : 50cm (length) x 70cm (height).
      • Material: Static PVC foil for windows.
      • The picture is cut out around the graphics and can be positioned on a window by your preferences.


  • First, it is necessary to wash a glass surface and dry it after it is cleansed cut your foil on your specific desire. Peel of part of the foil and place it on a wanted place on a glass. If the first part is well-placed peel off the rest of the background and applies the rest of the foil on a glass surface. Foil doesn't leave any trace on a glass and allows fast repositioning and transferring of a decoration.

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