Wall stickers Cats - M15

Renovate with Art Applique Home Wall Decoration
Wall tattoo stickers help you decorate your home or office corner and enliven your personal space.

• Approximate size on the wall: 70 x 50cm
• Stickers are on one sheet: 70cm x 50cm
• Delivery time: 3-10days

With wall stickers, you can transform your space into an original beautiful place with lots of varieties. 

Also suitable for children's rooms
In the rich selection, you will also find colorful wall tattoos of simple wall decoration of Art Applique for children, boys and girls, light and clean on the walls.

The choice is yours!
Decorating a room with pre-cut wall stickers is quick and surprising!
Wall stickers can be used on almost any surface, it is important that they are dry, smooth and clean.  The attractive wall stickers arrive at your home on pre-cut sheets, so they are easy to remove and can be glued on mirrors or as wall stickers for furniture, wall stickers for tiles, doors, etc. Decorative wall stickers use a high-quality adhesive that is securely attached to smooth surfaces.

Wall stickers are easy to use.

  • Clean the surface with the cloth before you put the stickers on a wall.
  • Carefully peel the stickers from the sheet.
  • Position the sticker on the wall and then press it with your hand. If you are not satisfied with the position, you can peel it from the wall and reposition the sticker again.
  • When you are satisfied with positions of the stickers, you can press them with fingers or with the cloth so it will hold on the wall.

Give your rooms a wow effect, buy Life Decor wall stickers now!