Self-adhesive foil for furniture - Fire PAT093

The roll width is 75 cm. Choose the length of the foil

Self-adhesive foil for furniture

  • Dimensions : 75 cm.(width) X Length that you choose
  • Material : 100mcr. PVC Matt film (self-adhesive). scratch resistant.
  • Self-adhesive film is ideal for covering shelves, doors, metal, glass, furniture, tables, tiles, cupboards.
  • Charakteristisch: excellent UV resistant more than 5 years, easy to apply, water-repellent, can be cleaned with the damp cloth. It can easily be cut with scissors

The ideal temperature to stick a foil is 20°C to 25°C. Minimal temperature is 12°C. If you use foil in lower temperature use the heat gun or hair dryer to heat up the foil. At higher temperatures, above 30°C, it is the best thing to wait until temperature drops under 25°C. On the surface on which you plan to apply the foil, you need to clean it thoroughly from dust and degrease it. After application, if there are some bubbles left you can puncture them with the needle. Tiny bubbles will disappear after a few days.

* Colors on the articles may be slightly different than the real product.