Door stickers Triangular geometry - TA082

Sticker size
  • Stickers for door, refrigerator, cabinet

    It can be applied on any flat or slightly surface as a door, wall, refrigerator, window, cabinet etc.

    The sticker is made from self-adhesive matt foil. It can be cleaned with a wet cloth and can be installed in premises as a bathroom, outer walls, outer door.  

      • Dimensions: 78x200cm. / 92x215cm.
      • Material: self-adhesive matt PVC foil.
      • Easy to use


  • How to install a sticker 
    1. Clean the surface (door a wall or something else) Make sure that surface is smooth, dry and without dirt.
    2. Remove the doorknob.
    3. Measure the inner door
    4. Unpack the sticker and spread it on a surface of a door
    5. Cut out the surplus if any.
    6. Start to stick from the upper part and gently pull the backing paper from the sticker. With soft cloth apply the sticker on a surface.
    7. If you have bubbles, you can punch them with a needle or you can wait for a couple of weeks until bubbles disappear for them self 
    9. Return the doorknob.

  • Choose your model, and add to your shopping cart. 
    Fill out your information and choose a payment method. 
    When you order is received, the product is packed and sent to your address.
    Delivery time is upon two weeks. 

    If you have any questions related to this product, or you want some custom made foil, you can contact us on our email.

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