Art wall pictures Field - AP073

Picture size
  • "Add artistically piece to your living space with beautiful graphics and elegant lines that look like they float on the wall. The image is digitally printed directly onto 6mm acryl with polished edges, creating a clear and a unique visual effect to achieve a stunning result. "

    • Easy to mount on a wall
    • Available 7 sizes
    • Ideal for living room, kitchen, bedroom, offices, and apartments.
    • Floating effect on a wall.
    • Rich colors


  • To install a picture on the wall, you need two hooks to place in the wall. (hooks are included in the package)  Chose a place on the wall where picture will be set. Drill two holes with proper distance (depends on the picture size)  and put hooks in the drilled holes. Attach a picture on the hooks from the back side. On the back side of the picture are holders who also divide picture from the wall                                             
  • Chose dimension of the picture and click ADD TO BASKET. 
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    After receiving your order, we are sending the package to your address. Delivery time is 4-6 days

    f you have any questions regarding this product or if you want to customize some of our images or if you want some of your images to be printed, you can contact us on an email or a telephone( +385 42 200 799)